About the Bank

Novikombank is a modern technology-intensive Russian bank

Novikombank offers its customers banking services in all segments of the financial market.

Novikombank is among the top 40 largest Russian banks

The Banks business volumes are constantly growing its assets exceed 200 billion roubles.

Novikombank has vast experience of success in working with leaders of the national economy

The Banks customers include leading enterprises of the heavy-machinery, automotive and high-tech industry.

Novikombank is actively supporting the real sector of the Russian economy

The Banks loan book exceeds 100 billion roubles.

Novikombank is a financial partner of the Russian Technologies State Corporation

Novikombank is playing a vital role in implementation of the government programmes aimed at development of high-tech industries in Russia and modernization of the national economy.


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Financing of clients' external-economic activity

General banking license
No. 2546 dated November 20, 2014

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