Financial institutes

Services for financial institutions:

  • Settlements in rubles. An extended operating day is set until 19.00 Moscow time. Interbank and client payments are transferred without commissions. Interest accrued on LORO-balances;
  • Establishment of correspondent relations. JSCB “NOVIKOMBANK” will be pleased to see your reputable bank among our correspondents. JSCB “NOVIKOMBANK” is ready to offer cooperation with your bank on beneficial terms;
  • Financing of export-import contracts of partner banks’ customers on comfortable terms. It is practicable to provide own liquidity on a bilateral basis for these purposes. It is possible to attract blank credit lines from the world's largest financial institutions, if necessary.
    JSCB “NOVIKOMBANK” has vast experience in arranging financing of short-term export and import operations (letters of credit, guarantees, pre-financing) and it offers services in the structuring of trade finance transactions in close cooperation with the largest foreign financial institutions;
  • A variety of Treasury operations allow to close FX-position for almost any pair of currencies or to hedge it with the help of swap deals by market quotes. We offer our own FX-platform. Having vast experience in the field and an impeccable business reputation, JSCB “NOVIKOMBANK” offers mutually advantageous cooperation on interbank, currency and equity markets.

JSCB “NOVIKOMBANK” offers the opportunity to jointly build mobile, high-quality and optimal solutions for customers.

Transactions with securities

Novikombank, being a professional participant of the securities market, performs the following operations:

  • Broker activity (licence No. 177-06-439-100000);
  • Dealer activity (licence No. 077-06-443-010000);
  • Securities management (licence No. 177-10-203-001000);
  • Custody operations (licence No. 177-06-450-000100).

Novikombank is one of the leading operators of the secondary bond market in terms of trade volumes in the MICEX, MICEX stock exchange, over-the-counter transactions, and MICEX REPO transactions.

Novikombank makes transactions with securities in the MICEX and RTS stock exchange and offers the following services:

  • Brokerage operations;
  • Storage and/or title record to securities;
  • Trust management;
  • Other transactions with securities.


  • Purchase/sale of Russian shares on customer request;
  • Market-maker functions;
  • Liquidity supply;
  • Redemption of securities of various companies.


  • Purchase/sale of bonds on customer request;
  • Market-maker functions;
  • Liquidity supply;
  • Redemption of securities of various companies.

Conversion transactions

The bank has many years’ experience of working in the financial markets. For corporate and institutional customers the Bank provides a wide range of conversion services – spot, forward and foreign exchange options. Novikombank endeavours to help its customers to find optimal and qualitative decisions for foreign exchange and interest rate risk hedging.

  • USD/EURO conversion operations;
  • Minimisation of expenses from conversion operations.

Broker service

Based on the licences of a professional participant of the securities market Novikombank renders broker and depositary service to individuals:

  • In the state securities market;
  • In the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange market of corporate securities (shares and bonds);
  • In the over-the-counter market of corporate securities (shares and bonds).

Customers are served based on broker service agreements. The Bank specialists provide the customers with all necessary information about market conditions and give consultation on the issues related to securities market transactions.

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