Investment business

Novikombank provides its clients with all types of stock market services. Personal manager will help you choose the best strategy of work in Russian and international financial markets.

Brokerage accounts Advisory accounts Asset management
MICEX and OTC transactions Trading using personal manager advises Different kinds of assets and strategies for every type of investor
Institutional clients and individual professionals Making your own decisions or following the personal managers advices Investors who have limited time to trade on stock market

Brokerage accounts

Novikombank provides brokerage services for clients as a MICEX-RTS member and on OTC market. Our clients can effect stock market trades using on-line trading platform (Quik) or carry out trades with euroclearable issuers.

All our clients could get full-time technical and analytical service. Moreover we provide REPO (leverage) deals for our clients.

Asset management

There are a lot of stock market opportunities for saving and increasing your wealth. Using our products you can invest in equities, bonds or use mixed strategies. We provide individual asset management products, so all decisions are tailor-made.

Using our experience we will help you to choose the right strategy in asset management. Together we will find comfortable parameters of asset management such as investment horizon, yield/risk ratio, stock classes, limits and some other. Our portfolio managers are always ready to share main investment principles with you.

Our policy is maximal transparency in asset management. Our clients can get information about the allocation of their assets any time, not only at report date.

Moreover Novikombank provides basic asset management products. Our clients could choose between different asset classes or yield/risk ratio depending on their own investment ideas.

Strategy Management type Yield Risk Theoretical NAV
Equities Technical analysis methods High High    
Equities + bonds Using both class of assets: equities and bonds (50/50) Higher then average Average    
Bonds Fixed income portfolios Average Low    
Bonds + leverage Fixed income portfolios with leverage Higher then average Average    
Eurobonds Fixed income portfolios in different currencies Average Low    
Eurobonds + leverage Fixed income portfolios in different currencies with leverage Higher then average Low    
Structure products Individual products with risk-free part and high yield instruments in one strategy High Low    

Advisory accounts

Advisory service perfectly suits investors who prefer to make their own decisions when and what to buy or sell, but don’t have enough experience in stock markets. Personal broker will help you to get full view of the market (liquidity, prices, new issues, IPO, SPO and etc.). We will be glad to help you in any investment decision.

List of trading platforms, where JSCB "NOVIKOMBANK" is the participant:
Public Joint Stock Company "Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS"

List of clearing organizations, with whom JSCB "NOVIKOMBANK" concluded agreements for the provision of clearing services:
Bank "National Clearing Centre" (closed joint stock company)
Date of disclosure 07.04.2016 (valid indefinitely).

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